Medicinal Properties

Ginkgo biloba leaves and leaf extracts are widely used now in Modern Medicine around the world.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted for a range of medical conditions and many remarkable properties have been found due to the unique compounds which exist in the Ginkgo leaves.

These compounds can be grouped together as the ginkgolides, bilobalide and some powerful anti-oxidants ( flavonoids).

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Here is an assessment by The American Academy of Family Physicians on the medicinal usesof Ginkgo biloba.

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Adelaide Hills Ginkgo

Adelaide Hills Ginkgo is a producer of high quality Australian grown Ginkgo biloba leaf products. All of our produce is Australian grown and processed. This makes us unusual since most Ginkgo products in Australia come from imported leaves. We supply chopped (tea-leaf sized) and powdered dried Ginkgo leaf and ginkgo leaf powder capsules in a range of quantities for the Australian market.

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The dried leaves are used as a herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine and now have found uses in Modern Western Medicine too.

The powdered dried leaves can be consumed mixed in with other foods or  beverages or taken as a tea or as capsules. 

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 We are now supplying our Ginkgo leaf powder in capsules of 1000 mg each.

All of the capsules contain our new organically grown 100% pure fine Ginkgo powder. The capsules are available in bottles of 100.  See the first Products Page  to purchase.



Starting in 2011, we began the process of going completely organic. No insecticides have been used near the Ginkgo plantation for over 19years and no artificial fertilizers have been used on the trees since they were planted over 15 years ago.

Now we have been managing without the use of any herbicidal sprays on the plantation for the past 5 years and all of our Ginkgo leaf products are now organically grown.






About the Ginkgo Tree

The Ginkgo tree has been cultivated in China, Japan and Korea for many centuries for its leaves, nuts and ornamental beauty and is one of the oldest  types of tree on Earth.

It was around for many millions of years before the dinosaurs became extinct. At one time there were as many as 6 species of Ginkgo but now there is only one- Ginkgo biloba. The Ginkgo tree is therefore a kind of living fossil, beautiful in its appeance,  remarkable in the shape and feel of its leaves and  unique in the active compounds present in its leaves. The Ginkgo family of trees evolved long before flowering plants appeared and is more closely related to conifers though it does not look like one.

There is simply no other plant like it!!

Because of the fan-like shape to the leaves the leaf is often compared with the leaf of the Maiden Hair Fern, hence one of the common names for the Ginkgo which is the ' Maiden Hair Fern Tree'. 

Until 1691  European botanists had thought that the Ginkgo tree was extinct as it was known only from the fossil record. But then, much to everyone's suprise, it was re-discovered in China by Englbert Kaempfer. (Of course the peoples of East Asia had known about the survival of the Ginkgo tree all along! )


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